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A 3 Dimensional Future

Posted: 2017-12-25, in category: Uncategorised

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Architecture has always developed alongside and in response to innovative technology, and there have been some exciting advances in recent years. Designs and adaptations that make daily living easier or more pleasurable are constantly appearing. There is also of course a major emphasis on sustainability these days in all aspects of our lives. This means a healthier environment for everybody and generally lower bills.

Architecture turned a corner once use of concrete, glass and steel became widespread, providing unlimited possibilities. One of the latest arrivals to catch the imagination of many is the concept of 3D printing relating to architectural design and construction. A San Francisco-based 3D-printing startup company, used 3D printing to place concrete walls on a Russian test site and produced a 400 sqft house. Looking a bit like a small crane, the printer applies concrete layers, before being removed and windows, insulation, appliances and a roof are added. The layers can be 5 mm thin, and objects as large as six metres can be manipulated by these printers. They are able to handle as much as 2,500m2 of material per year, equivalent to 12 small houses.

These techniques will go a long way towards helping people affected by natural disasters, rehousing them fast, or where there is a housing crisis. They can potentially create full streets in no time at all, in fact looking into the future, the technology is expected to play a role in producing moon bases. One project saw a classic canal house in Amsterdam being made, using a giant version of a desktop printer. Architects invited the public to observe the process during a number of tests, and the resulting houses were indistinguishable from the real thing.

This revolutionary form of construction can achieve what bricks and mortar would find impossible, and allows an exceptionally tailored solution. Who knows where it will take us, imagine if you didn’t like your kitchen, had broken a door or wanted a conservatory. Simple, just print one off!

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