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A World of Design Choices

Posted: 2016-06-13, in category: Uncategorized

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When planning work to your home such as a redesign, refurbishment, renovation, extension or conversion, it is wise to have a realistic vision of the desired result. This is often easier said than done however, and sometimes you’re not sure if your ideal outcome is even practical. Perhaps you dream of yourself in a space worthy of homes and gardens or something out of the design magazines. This is though highly achievable with a little imagination and know-how, and perhaps the eyes of a professional.

There is a phenomenon called the ‘decision making wall’, which apparently is something you hit when your head is so full of ideas and choices you feel overwhelmed and fatigued. A mind boggling variety of choices can be overwhelming, and leave you feeling strangely uninspired. Things to consider include design, style, colour, furniture placement, whether you prefer modern, traditional, rustic or classic. You may also wonder about continuing a theme throughout the home or having a differing individual look for each room. In fact the limitless array of possibilities is frequently responsible for causing people to act in one of two ways. The first is to become reckless, throwing all caution to the wind and blindly choosing anything in order to settle the quandary. This is usually a big mistake, as many have leant to their regret, and expense. The other common consequence of this overloaded thought process, is to do nothing. People feel like a deer caught in the headlights, stuck and unable to do anything.

Some building companies, like ourselves, use the services of an excellent and talented interior designer with the advantage of this professional being familiar with the way we work. A clear idea of what is needed for the perfect outcome is ensured where this is the case, with satisfaction all round. It is a good idea for Items and fabrics placed within the design scheme to be as versatile as possible, allowing for changes in decoration and colour. For instance, high quality bedding like sets included in the Kylie Minogue At Home range from Angelina’s Curtains and Bedding will tick all the boxes. Gorgeous satin, and velvet adorned with beautifully designed sequins, diamant├ęs and pearls are complimented by stunning drapes.

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