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Are Your Tools & Equipment Safe?

Posted: 2020-12-27, in category: Self Storage

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self storageThe Planning & Building Control Today [PCBToday] website published an article in 2020, which highlighted a major problem made worse by the global pandemic. Everybody involved are badly affected by plant and tool theft [apart from the thieves obviously!} It has always been a thorn in the side for construction workers and tradespeople of all descriptions. It has however worsened significantly in 2020 due to the emergence of Covid 19. In fact there has been a rise in thefts from vans and sites of approximately 50% since the pandemic began. This can devastate a company or trades person, as they rely totally on having a range of carefully chosen tools and equipment at their disposal.


The arrival of the virus has caused many sites and projects nationwide, to be postponed or put on hold. An absence of security staff has left thousands of pounds worth of plant equipment vulnerable. This valuable plant machinery represents rich pickings for organised gangs and those prepared to profit from taking what isn’t theirs. Vandalism has also been an issue, sometimes caused by the inability to move pieces of equipment.


Theft from vans is a major problem, but has sky rocketed since the virus hit leaving builders, plasterers, engineers, electricians etc with huge financial losses. Not only have they lost their tools etc, they face customers losing faith and going elsewhere.


Datatag’s CESAR Police training and liaison officer Nick Mayell said: “The Coronavirus ‘lockdown’ has meant that it’s currently ‘open season’ for criminal gangs who target construction plant. “Whereas a company would normally ‘wind-down’ for seasonal closures by ‘off-hiring’ kit and moving their own machines – sites have closed overnight – in the blink of an eye – and the thieves are having a field day.”


Companies are being urged to store their tools and equipment wisely, and many have turned to storage solutions like Newcastle Self Storage. Safe and secure storage is an ideal option, alleviating the worry of loss and business failure.



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