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Big Changes Up North

Posted: 2017-09-11, in category: Uncategorised

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Although houses in the North of England are less expensive than those down South, there is still a shortage of affordable homes. Demand for affordable homes covers the whole of the UK, and rising house prices coupled with the collapse of industries in the North has fuelled this deficiency here. The North is however blessed with rural land some of which may be built on, and unused or derelict structures that could possibly be developed and renovated. People in these regions face the same problems as those further down the country, including being able to buy a home, and get their feet on the lower rung of the property market.

Government websites list many regeneration projects which are in the pipeline, some that offer the opportunity for participation and investment. There are efforts to not only regenerate housing, but to improve communities and provide positive living experiences. There is also funding allowing towns and cities in the North to take part in the ‘Great Exhibition of the North’ in 2018, which aims to promote culture and creativity.

Long term projects include the new high speed rail line [HS2] set to link London to Manchester and Leeds, although the scheme is not due to be completed until the 2030’s. This is hoped to drastically reduce travel time between locations, and supports the government’s pledge to attract greater investment and prosperity into Northern towns and cities. Balanced regional growth depends on availability of jobs and the local economy too, which also features prominently on the government agenda.

Building and regeneration proposals are of course good news for construction companies with a good reputation, and a skilled team. At SJP Building Services, we offer a comprehensive range including design and build, renovation, refurbishment, extensions, conversions and interior design. In fact just about everything you could need for your building project all under one roof! Call us on 01942 704662 to find out how we can help with your project.


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