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Buying New & Replacement UPVC Doors – Planning Ahead

Posted: 2013-08-31, in category: Uncategorized

There is a wonderful expression that says “Make hay while the sun shines.” At first glance this seems to suggest we enjoy the good life while we can. What it really highlights is the need to plan ahead.

The weather forecasters tell us this has been the warmest summer since 2006 and the temptation is to stretch it out as long as we can. What the weather forecasters will also tell us is that even with a warm September and an Indian summer  the days will still grow shorter and the winter winds will surely arrive.

SJP Building Services web marketing partners, UPVC Door Store, look forward to the winter as this is the busiest time of year. Sometimes it takes a cold draught blowing under the front door to make people think about buying a replacement UPVC door. Sometimes it is the shock of the winter fuel bill that gets us thinking about home insulation. Maybe it’s the dark evenings that prompt us to think a little more closely about the security of our front and back doors.

UPVC Door Store are encouraging home owners to plan ahead. New and replacement UPVC front doors from the UPVC Door Store are made to measure. Manufactured at state of the art premises in Basildon, Essex, and with low cost delivery across the UK, all new and replacement UPVC doors are backed by the European EC charter mark.

UPVC front and back doors from the UPVC Door Store are secure, stylish and thermally efficient. Double glazed doors come in a great choice of colours and designs including bevelled doors, double glazed doors and wood effect finishes. Unlike traditional wooden doors, UPVC front and back doors  are virtually maintenance free and do not warp, shrink or lose their structural integrity over the years.

For further information on the insulation and home security features of UPVC doors, visit the UPVC Door Store at

Buying New & Replacement UPVC Doors – Planning Ahead