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Garage Conversions will Transform your Home

Posted: 2019-09-09, in category: Uncategorised

Professional Building Contractors, Garage Conversions & Loft Renovations, Refurbishments, Interior Design & Kitchen Installation   There could be any number of reasons for wishing to create extra space in the home, such as having children at college, who may return home. There could be elderly relatives who are no longer able to look after themselves… Read more »

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Construction Apprenticeships in Basildon

Posted: 2018-10-29, in category: Uncategorised

Professional Building Contractors, Renovations, Refurbishments, Conversions, Interior Design & Kitchen Installation   Youngsters in Basildon are being urged to consider a career in construction, with the incentive of annual earnings of up to £50,000. MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock Stephen Metcalfe made the plea earlier this year, as part of his role as… Read more »

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Eco-Conscious Carpets

Posted: 2018-06-07, in category: Uncategorised

Comprehensive Building Service, Roofing, Flooring, Windows & Doors, Interior Design   Just as with other products, people are conscious of the environmental impact of their floor covering choices too. Eco-friendly carpets come in virtually every style from rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting to tiles. Carpet made from natural, renewable fibres tend to be the most environmentally friendly… Read more »

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Steel – Tough, Versatile and Beautiful

Posted: 2018-05-23, in category: Uncategorised

Building Contractors, Renovations, Design & Build, Refurbishment & Extensions In the UK, structural steelwork accounts for around 70% of non-domestic frames within multi storey constructions, proving what a key material steel is. The importance of the material used cannot be over emphasised, as the choice will significantly affect things like the design, wall to floor… Read more »

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Energy Efficiency News

Posted: 2018-04-22, in category: Uncategorised

Extensions, Conversions, Refurbishments, Double Glazing & Door Installations, Decking, Roofs & Flooring It is compulsory for building projects these days to involve some form of sustainable technology such as energy efficient windows and doors. Double glazing products have advanced incredibly since the days of single glazed units, and are now as attractive as they are… Read more »

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Solid Fuel Heating Systems

Posted: 2018-01-03, in category: Uncategorised

Comprehensive Range of Building Services, Energy Efficient Home Heating Systems, Kitchens & Bathrooms When carrying out any home construction work such as a new build, renovation, refurbishment or conversion, it’s important to consider which type of heating system you prefer. Central heating is of course a basic addition for most people, delivering comfort and a… Read more »

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A 3 Dimensional Future

Posted: 2017-12-25, in category: Uncategorised

Construction Specialists, Full Range of Building Services, Project Management, Design & Build Architecture has always developed alongside and in response to innovative technology, and there have been some exciting advances in recent years. Designs and adaptations that make daily living easier or more pleasurable are constantly appearing. There is also of course a major emphasis… Read more »

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Nuclear and Petrochemical Fires

Posted: 2017-11-21, in category: Uncategorised

Environmentally Friendly, Affordable Fire Fighting Products, Extinguishers, Foam Suppressants for All Fire Categories   We all have to be aware of the risks posed by fire whatever the surroundings, with the placement of smoke and fire alarm systems a must, especially in the workplace. Although all fires can be potentially devastating, those on a larger… Read more »

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Big Changes Up North

Posted: 2017-09-11, in category: Uncategorised

Professional Building Contractors, Renovations, Refurbishments, Conversions, Interior Design & Kitchen Installation   Although houses in the North of England are less expensive than those down South, there is still a shortage of affordable homes. Demand for affordable homes covers the whole of the UK, and rising house prices coupled with the collapse of industries in… Read more »

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Ringing in the Changes in South London

Posted: 2017-06-30, in category: Uncategorised

Wide Range of Construction Services including New Builds, Redesigns, Refurbishments, Extensions & Conversions   Many Londoners are favouring the idea of ‘walk to work homes’ meaning no long tedious commuting, and less money spent on fares. There are several areas including those in South London, which are fast becoming desirable places to live. This is… Read more »

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Welcome to Our Website Redesign

Posted: 2017-06-05, in category: Uncategorised

Comprehensive Range of Building Services, Extensions, Renovations, Conversions, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations, Wigan   We would like to welcome you to our new redesigned, mobile friendly website. We know that more than half of you will browse our website while out and about using a smartphone or tablet, so it will now be easier and… Read more »

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