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Posted: 2014-10-19, in category: Uncategorized

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By following a few simple rules when organising your home redesign or redecoration, you can achieve exceptionally professional results. With a little thought and planning, an impressive and functional living space can be created to perfectly suit your taste. Tackled step by step, a breathtaking outcome can be yours without years of studying for an interior design degree, nor accessing the services an interior designer.

First decide on your starting point, this is usually a room frequented by visitors, such as a hall, living room or bathroom. It helps to have a rough idea of your preferred style, and there are lots to choose from such as traditional, contemporary, vintage, classic, shabby chic, French, Victorian, rustic, Mediterranean, art deco, or even an eclectic blend. You will find inspiration, tips and advice in home magazines and interior design websites, along with ideas about themes, colours and patterns. Its a good idea to approach your home makeover in stages, and to progress by :-

  1. Choosing your textiles in the shades and tones you desire first, then buying paint and wall-coverings.

  2. Balancing your room, so that it does not appear unevenly laid out. This is easy on the eye and will feel right and comfortable on entry.

  3. Using a variety of textures, colours, patterns and sizes in a layering effect to create visual interest and flair to your surroundings.

  4. Having as many light sources as possible. Design experts recommend that each room should have at least three sources of light, giving the illusion of extra space and showing off your impressive d├ęcor.

  5. Using your windows to their best effect as they provide a great opportunity to establish an attractive focal point in any room, and there are limitless ways to do this. Beautiful drapes are available in some of the most exquisite fabrics and designs, and along with pelmets are energy efficient, and will play a role in reducing your fuel bills.

  6. Checking the size of any new furniture, which should be neither too large or too small, so it pays to take measurements when buying items like sofas and tables.

  7. Deciding on a main focal point for each room such as, the window, hearth or unique piece of furniture, and allow this aspect to influence the rest of the room. This is a favourite tip from interior decorating experts.

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