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Effective Ventilation Systems for Health, Comfort & Energy Efficiency

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tkac It is a fact that during our waking hours, most of us spend around 50% of our time at the office, place of business or school. One of the main priorities within the home or workplace is proper ventilation providing a constant source of clean air throughout the building. This not only assists comfortable breathing and a pleasant environment, but ensures the reduction of air pollutants, which can cause health concerns. Good ventilation will also diminish unwanted smells such as produced by cooking and pets, as well as minimising the risk of condensation, damp and mold growth. Lack of effective ventilation especially in the workplace can affect productivity by making employees feel tired, sluggish and unable to concentrate.

Some people are happy with a system of natural ventilation, achieved by allowing air from outside to enter the building through open windows, doors and vents. This method assumes that the air in the vicinity of the building is adequately clean and fresh, and is usually ineffective in the case of larger buildings. Many organisations and companies these days remove stale air and introduce fresh, clean air via mechanical means.

Our web promotion partners Turn Key Air Conditioning [TKAC] are a market leading company specialising in air conditioning, ventilation and heating. They offer installation and maintenance of high quality energy efficient ventilation systems for every application. A significant percentage of their customers benefit from a package of Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning or HVAC.

This gives the assurance of a comprehensive, high performance solution covering internal temperature, humidity and airflow. These systems have been incorporated into schools, colleges, hotels, shopping centres and airports, to create a well controlled setting. TKAC have an enviable reputation where customer service is concerned and satisfied clients include Wilkinsons, William Hill and Premier Inn.

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