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Essential Protection from the Elements

Posted: 2017-03-17, in category: Uncategorized

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After the weather we have had to endure recently, many homeowners could find themselves checking their roofs. Perhaps there are loose, damaged or missing tiles, perished roofing felt and rotting joists and timbers. If the extent of the deterioration is not too extreme, a bit of maintenance and a few repairs will probably suffice. However if the roof is extremely old, and has never had anything done to it, it could be irretrievable, and you may be looking at a new roof. This area of the home will have had years and years of drying sunshine beating down on it. while hail, snow and wind will cause further havoc. As your roof is the most important part of your property it makes sense to invest in a high quality roofing solution.

Most people think that choosing a new roof is simply a matter of tile shape and colour, but in order to end up with the perfect roof for your building there are a few extra considerations.


The pitch of your roof will to some extent dictate which products are available to you, as some tiles perform better on certain pitches more than others.


Natural slate is the original traditional roofing tile material, and offers durability and weather resistance, although there are also some good man made alternatives around such as concrete slate. Concrete is an affordable and popular option and comes in a variety of designs, shapes and colours to suit all tastes. Clay is often chosen for it’s warmth and character whether manufactured by modern means or hand crafted.


Ensure that the structure of your roof is able to support your chosen roofing, especially taking snow, ice loads and strong winds into account. If the structure is deemed weak, fibre cement slates may be a viable option.

As well as a new roof you would be wise to look at your guttering, fascias and soffits as most people decide to renew these too. Chelmsford Roofline Ltd, are skilled craftsmen who specialise in this area, and offer only high quality UPVC products. Call them on 01245 861168.


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