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Essex Based Multi Building Services Ltd Install Air Source Heat Pumps

Posted: 2014-12-06, in category: Uncategorized

In many ways, SJP friends and marketing partners, Multi Building Services Ltd are an Essex based version of ourselves. They are a design to completion construction company with all the building trades on hand and in house.

Like ourselves, they take greats pride in their work, undertaking extensions, conversions, refurbishments and rebuilds with the utmost skill and absolute attention to detail.

In these days of rising home heating costs, Multi Building Service Ltd have added another string to their bow. Recent advances in renewable technology have made Air Source Heat Pumps a reliable and energy saving alternative for most domestic and commercial properties.

Through Multi Building Services Ltd, Air Source Heat Pumps now provide central heating and hot water for homes and businesses throughout Essex.

Air Source Heat Pumps work by converting low grade energy in the outside air into usable heat energy for inside the home. Air Source Heat Pumps are classified by the EU as a renewable energy source for the simple reason that they create more than three times as much heat energy as it uses. This is recognised by the British Government who include heat exchange technology such as Air Source Heat Pumps in the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.

The great advantage of the latest generation of Air Source Heat Pumps is their ability to continue to produce heat and hot water throughout the year. Samsung Monobloc Air Source Heat Systems installed by Multi Building Services operate at 90% efficiency in temperatures as low as minus 10C and have an annual Coefficient of Performance (SCoP) of 3.5.

Multi Building Services install a range of Air Source Heat Pumps depending upon the needs of the client. Air Source Heat Pumps can supply heat for under floor heating and the inclusion of an inverter means they can be switched to providing air conditioning when the weather is warmer. Integrated systems incorporate solar panels into the design, while other models have been developed for use in commercial properties and multi-occupancy dwellings.

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Essex Based Multi Building Services Ltd Install Air Source Heat Pumps