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Garage Conversions will Transform your Home

Posted: 2019-09-09, in category: Uncategorised

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There could be any number of reasons for wishing to create extra space in the home, such as having children at college, who may return home. There could be elderly relatives who are no longer able to look after themselves in their own home. Maybe an additional room would just be really handy for all the family. Whatever the reason, an excellent option, and one that is a popular choice, is a garage conversion.

This is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to maximise your living space. Some people don’t realise that a garage conversion can add to the re-sale value of their home, by around 10%. Many homes built in the 1940’s – 50’s have garages attached that simply serve as storage spaces for junk. In fact everything you can think of is kept in there, except of course the car!

This is a part of the home that has much potential, and can be transformed into a highly usable area. It can become a spare bedroom, kids playroom, home office, guest room, exercise room or Granny flat to name just a few ideas. As these buildings are attached to the property, they seldom need foundations and standing walls. These structural changes are important and have to be added when constructing home improvements like orangeries and extensions. This significantly reduces the amount of work needed as well as the expense. Another advantage of a garage conversion is that there is normally an existing electrical supply.

This type of project will also leave your garden unaffected, which isn’t the case with many kinds of building addition. Construction specialists like SJP Building Services are skilled in seamlessly making conversions appear to be simply another room. They can be fitted with Bi-fold doors, extra windows and a variety of other modifications. Take a look at our projects page and embark on an exciting, inspirational journey.

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