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It is often commented on that many areas of the UK have a substantial amount of derelict homes and unused commercial properties. Even the nicest locations will have a number of these problem buildings, which for whatever reason are unoccupied and have fallen into disrepair resulting in them being uninhabitable. Perhaps someone has moved out and cannot sell the home, there may be major structural problems which would be expensive to put right. This situation is particularly prevalent in the Midlands and North and can have an extremely negative effect on local house prices. This is a consequence of residents moving away, homes becoming empty, and areas looking unkempt and undesirable, so repelling potential new homeowners.



The government has pledged to remedy this state of affairs to some degree, and has allocated £91 million to refurbish over 6000 properties. This funding is being allocated under two programmes, firstly, £61 million is coming from the empty homes funding programme. It is estimated that this portion will regenerate 3200 usable homes when distributed to registered social landlords, by the Homes and Communities Agency. A further 3500 homes are predicted to be restored by a £30 million boost from the Clusters of Empty Homes programme. Twenty partnerships in areas like Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool and Middlesbrough, will focus these funds in areas of most need. £33 million in funds from the empty homes programme, will go to the North of England, while £11 million will be concentrated in the Midlands



A refurbished home can be virtually unrecognisable after a major transformation, adding to the buildings quality, attractiveness, life and value. Customers of SJP Building Services are regularly stunned by the result of a quality home refurbishment, carried out by a team of skilled and qualified experts. SJP Building Services can offer not only home refurbishment, but a comprehensive list of home improvement services. These include, design, renovations, extensions, conversions, building, rendering, joinery, roofing, heating, plumbing, electrical work, kitchen & bathroom installation, and in fact just about any home improvement work you can think of.


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