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Posted: 2012-11-14, in category: Uncategorized

SJP Building Services have taken an innovative look at creating the ideal living space for those seeking to move house.

As the expression goes, there are only three things to look for when moving home: location, location, location. And as everyone knows, this is only half true. Location is important but what happens if we cannot find the right – or the affordable – home when we have decided upon the ideal location.

SJP Builders have taken the expertise they have developed through years of renovations, rebuilds and refurbishments and applied it to the advantage of people moving to new areas.

Most people are familiar with barn conversions where disused and dilapidated buildings are converted into modern, luxurious family homes while maintaining many of the original features. SJP Building Services have taken the ‘barn conversion’ approach and now work with new home owners who have acquired an imperfect house in a perfect setting.

The wrong house in the right place can be an absolute bargain, allowing house buyers the opportunity to invest the savings in creating the house of their dreams.

SJP Builders do not think of a house in terms of its rooms. SJP think of  house in terms of its constituent parts: foundations, supporting walls, flooring, ceilings, roofing, electrics and plumbing. This allows SJP Building Services to remodel and re-shape almost any house into almost any design a customer chooses. Kitchens can be extended or moved. Bathrooms can be added or adapted to suit current and future needs. Underused space can be opened up and difficult to access parts of house can be developed.

SJP Building Services will help a customer look at the potential of the whole property, inside and out, to create the perfect home in the perfect location.

And, of course, for many people the perfect location is where they already are. SJP Building Services can help you breathe new life into your old property with a full or partial redesign or rebuild.