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How To Save Money with Wallrock Natural Thermal Liner & Wallrock Thermal Liner Range

Posted: 2014-05-18, in category: Uncategorized

Use Wallrock Thermal Liner Range To Save You


The costs of running a home has gotten more and more expensive over recent years. Big increases in the cost of gas and electric have become an annual event dreaded by many home owners. Time for some money saving tips.

First off, reduce the energy you use on lighting. Keep curtains and blinds open during the day to get the most from natural light. When it’s night only light the rooms you are using, and switch off timer switches if you go away.

Secondly, reduce the amount of heating you use. The most effective things to do are filling in any gaps around your windows, insulating your loft and wall cavities, and using Wallrock Natural Thermal Liner to insulate the interior side of the walls.

product names diag(1)This will have two money saving effects; the room will heat up more quickly, and less heat will escape through the walls. So less energy is needed to heat up and keep a room heated.

Wallrock Natural Thermal Liner has been produced by Erfurt Mav to stop heat escaping, based on similar technology used in aeronautics. Without wanting to go into too much detail, Wallrock Thermal Liner is made of thermal insulation material bonded to high quality lining paper. So it’s as easy to put on your walls as regular wallpaper. When you’ve done that, you can overlay it with a wallpaper covering to give you walls a personal touch. That way, the thermal liner will be undetectable. That is until you heat up the room in extra quick time, or receive your next heating bill, which should be less than previous ones.

product shot(1)There are also added benefits to using Wallrock Natural Thermal Liner. It can reduce any condensation, mould and damp in your walls, making your home a healthier place to be.

All this might make it sound like Wallrock Thermal Liner will cost an arm and a leg, but it’s actually very reasonable. Order some today to get your home better insulated and your energy bills down.

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