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Posted: 2022-03-02, in category: Doors

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sjp doorsThe door is one of the most important parts of the home, and one that has to look great while being secure and functional. Even the most modest home can benefit from an attractive, beautifully designed entrance door. Looking back through history doors have always been important with elaborately ornate features and carvings. Original metal door knockers and other hardware have survived from hundreds of years ago. They demonstrate the domestic fashions, wealth and beliefs of bygone eras.

Interior doors have changed too, and recently there has been an increasing interest in the dimensions of doors. There is greater scope to choose unique interior doors, which are typically 190 or 200 cm in height and 60-80 cm in width. An emerging trend is the use of custom sized doors, which have a great impact on first sight.

High doors are emerging as a chic way to enhance the home, and create a stylish and contemporary edge. With an approximate length of over 2 metres, these doors help to raise the ceiling visually. An elongated door leaf and a transom are used to achieve the required height. The transom may be elegantly curved or rectangular, and can be with or without glazing.

There are any number of details to add interest to a door, and breaking the rules can be a good thing here. Something a bit different catches the eye, such as a wider door leaf with or without glazing. Three leaf bi-fold doors are becoming more fashionable for interiors as well as exteriors.

One of the newest ideas is a sliding door which replaces a wall, and can separate a working area from the rest of the home. This has become popular due to the many people working from home nowadays after the pandemic. At SJP Building Services, you will find an experienced team, eager to make your interior design dream a reality. Whether it’s doors or any other part of the home, call us on 07725 364109 or 07855 259927.



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