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Protecting your Home in Winter

Posted: 2016-11-26, in category: Uncategorized

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sjpAt SJP Building Services, Wigan, we are busy whatever the time of year improving and beautifying the homes of our customers. Most building and construction work is possible during the colder and wetter months even taking into account darker mornings and eveningss, and risk of frost or flood. Heavy rain and other erratic weather patterns during the summer months, can impede progress in climates like ours in the UK. Obviously internal home improvement work is no problem whether it’s the height of summer or the depth of winter, including tasks like kitchen or bathroom refurbishment or redesign, electrical rewires plastering, joinery and interior design.

Home improvements are a great way to improve the look, enjoyment and value of your home, but maintenance and repairs are crucial in order to protect your home from natural deterioration. It is extremely important that main parts of the home like the roof, windows, doors, pipes, chimney and heating system are checked regularly for problems. Many people think twice about having essential repairs done, and will also put off even minor repairs due to overstretched budgets. This can leave a large proportion of homeowners vulnerable at a time when the elements could negatively impact their properties. Proper preventative maintenance and repairs mean that you don’t face the prospect of having to tackle winter building related problems.

Of course the number one priority is your roof, which after all has the job of keeping the whole house dry and protected from the development of damp, mould and leaks. It should be checked for damaged or missing tiles or shingles, and repairs should be carried out by a professional where needed. In tact guttering is also crucial along with fascias and soffits that are not blocked, cracked or displaced. Gutters etc make sure that the fa├žade and landscaping which surrounds the property remains protected from the effects of extreme weather. Get expert advice about how to protect your home during winter.

For any projects you want to do yourself during the winter when the nights are darker and conditions colder and wetter, Rhino Plant Hire have a range of Winter Hire equipment and tools. These include lighting, heating and water pumping for customers in Essex, Kent and London.

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