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SJP Building Services & Home Improvement Specialists Wigan

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SJP Building Services Wigan

SJP Building Services are home improvement and design specialists that cover every aspect of domestic building work and are defined by their signiture high quality finishes.

Double Glazing

The services they provide range from complete interior design, to extension or garage conversion work to high quality double glazing installation.

The builders at SJP Building Services pride themselves on being skilled craftsmen which itself is confirmed by the fact that the majority of their work is sourced from recommendations to friends and family from previous satisfied customers.

On the SJP Building Services website there is a full page dedicated to the testimonials left by the many happily satisfied clients left in the wake of this exciting company as it helps people realise their dreams and create new and exciting homes without the stress, burden , money worries etc that moving home entails.


If you’ve recently had a new addition to the family and are feeling pressured into a move purely because of a lack of bedroom or living space SJP Builder are here to offer high spec extensions , loft or garage conversions etc to give the customer another option to moving the whole family to a new residence.

The builders at SJP Building Services place great importance on demonstrating the fact they are highly skilled craftsmen and this is once again reflected on the Testimonials page on their website.

Whilst giving customers the option and convenience off having a new home without the hassle of a move, SJP Builders also cater to varying tastes and requirements of the client and this is clear to see when studying the sheer range and variety of services and looks available when using them for your home improvement needs.

Interior Design

Whether your preferred look is sleek modern, traditional and characterful or anything in between, the space saving features and integral appliances on offer can also be complimented by a tailor fitted selection of mood lighting to find the level of ambience some customers crave.


Renovation projects can be a source of trepidation and high blood pressure for some people considering the plunge. SJP Building Services fully understands this and know that they will have to stick out from the crowd as far as quality customer service/ satisfaction and overall value are concerned.  They have made significant headway in doing just this and now have an extensive portfolio on offer which speaks for itself. With work ranging from complete house renovations to full barn renovations all with an unmistakeable touch of quality.

SJP Building Services & home improvement, renovation, conversion, extension and interior design specialists wigan.