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Solid Fuel Heating Systems

Posted: 2018-01-03, in category: Uncategorised

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When carrying out any home construction work such as a new build, renovation, refurbishment or conversion, it’s important to consider which type of heating system you prefer. Central heating is of course a basic addition for most people, delivering comfort and a controlled living space all year round. A range of fuel options are available when it comes to your central heating system, including solid fuel central heating.

This form of heating satisfies your domestic hot water and heating needs, and can be run in a number of ways, such as from a multi fuel stove, an open fire with back boiler, room heater, cooker or independent boiler. Most homes will find a system suitable for their set up, that will provide a perfect environment without costing the earth.

Multi fuel stoves or glass fronted room heaters are a desirable feature in any modern homes, and provide an attractive focal point as well as being functional. In addition to looking the part, these heating choices are as efficient as alternative economic fuels, and give energy efficient results costing you less. They can be set and left unattended for long periods so ease of control is not an issue. People who use this type of fuel also do not have to pay a standing charge, which is always an advantage.

Radiators connected to solid fuel systems come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit every d├ęcor, there are long and low radiators for below windows, or tall and slim radiators for bathrooms or where space is limited. They are easily adjusted by individual controls on each appliance or via a thermostat for a constant temperature.

Solid fuel, home heating oil, gas oil, bottled gas and derv can be ordered online from a number of specialist suppliers. Finlay Fuels in Northern Ireland, are a family run business with a history of offering high quality home heating products and excellent customer service. Call them on 028 9752 8332.

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