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Steel – Tough, Versatile and Beautiful

Posted: 2018-05-23, in category: Uncategorised

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In the UK, structural steelwork accounts for around 70% of non-domestic frames within multi storey constructions, proving what a key material steel is. The importance of the material used cannot be over emphasised, as the choice will significantly affect things like the design, wall to floor ratio, foundations, cladding and finishes. It’s strength and ability to provide an exceptionally tailored structural solution is just one reason for its popularity within the building industry. The decision on the type of structural steel framework to use, is not taken lightly, as later alterations can prove extremely difficult, time consuming and expensive.

Budget estimates for steel framing need to reflect realistic costs, thus avoiding problems down the line, if the wrong frame solution is implemented. Although a crucial part of the decision about type of frame, price should not be the main consideration. A piece on the British Construction Steelwork Association [BCSA] website states that architect’s see design as a bridge that connects the clients vision with the actual structure. They also view design as both an art and a science, incorporating mathematics once passed on to the engineer.

The annual Structural Steel Design Awards [SSDA] initiated by the BCSA, and the British Steel Corporation [BSC] in 1969, will soon celebrate their 50th anniversary. Many things have changed within the construction arena since those days, apart from the fact that steel presents one of the most functional and economical structural solutions. Winners of the award such as the Humber Bridge which won in 1982, and the Greater Manchester Exhibition and Event Centre that scooped the award in 1987 are testament to this.

Steel is used not only for this type of grand project but for more humble applications, wherever a tough and uncompromising solution is required from a vast structural renovation to a new canal bridge.

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