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The Changing Face of Building & Construction

Posted: 2011-10-19, in category: Uncategorized

A key factor within the building and construction trade in recent years has been the integration of energy efficient features and innovations. Encouraged by governments and individuals, practical measures to reduce carbon emissions and society’s carbon footprint are nowadays being introduced wherever possible. These concern areas such as voltage optimisation, glazing, insulation, solar energy, water saving, wind power and recycling. Technological developments have proved substantial with regards to new materials and systems to support this drive towards a more ecologically friendly and forward thinking society.

Masdar in Abu Dhabi is destined to become the first eco-city in the world, housing 50,000 people and measuring 6 square kilometres. Only electric cars will be allowed on the roads and the bulk of the power supply will be generated using solar energy. Futuristic Podcars will act as public transport to taxi the city’s inhabitants from A to B. Only low lying buildings are planned which will be designed to be eco – friendly and positioned so as to give some shade to neighbours. The scheme is expected to take 10 years to complete and could signal a new blueprint for the concept of community and building design.

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