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The House Building Dilemma

Posted: 2016-03-06, in category: Uncategorized

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image by Nana B Agyei

image by Nana B Agyei

House building targets set within the UK in the last decade, have consistently failed for a number of reasons. At one time post World War Two, 300,000 homes per year were being built, but that figure has halved in recent years. The government has now scrapped national and regional house building targets, allowing local decision making to come into play. Around ten years ago the Barker Review of Housing Supply announced that in order to prevent an eventual shortage of affordable homes, 250,000 houses would need to be built in the UK on a yearly basis. The closest to this that we have achieved was in 2006, when 219,000 new properties were constructed. In 2012 there were only 135,000 new homes built, partly due of course to the financial crisis.
Planning permission
One of the main obstacles that anyone wishing to build on a plot of land is faced with, is the planning system, which although improved of late, still leaves a lot to be desired where speed and expense are concerned. Many thousands of potential new builds are stuck in the system between outline planning and detailed permission.
Lack of available land
A shortage of land available for building is a major factor in the housing shortage, along with rising land prices. It is also thought that more effort needs to be made by councils to identify available land which could meet housing needs.
Slow progress
Large house building companies will often drag their heels when it comes to developing large sites in order to control supply and demand. Matthew Pointon of research specialists Capital Economics, says building properties at a slower rate means that these companies can maximise their assets. It is also the case that smaller sites take less time to build and prepare for occupancy, and local authorities are urged to consider this when drawing up local plans.
Shortage of skills and labour
Additionally there is the shortage of skilled tradesmen and materials due to the ebb and flow within the industry. Materials ran short after increased demand in 2013, and after the exodus of workers during the financial crisis there is a struggle to quickly re-recruit into construction.
Fewer small builders
Measures have been put in place to support smaller building companies, such as reducing mandatory contributions, and creating funding for this section of the building community.
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