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Timber Makes a Construction Comeback!

Posted: 2021-01-26, in category: construction

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timberThe target date for the UK government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero is 2050, and it’s not looking too promising! This is because the UK construction industry is responsible for around 40% of our carbon footprint. Unfortunately carbon rich materials such as steel and cement are widely used for building homes and other structures. The government has been seeking ways to limit the use of biomass resources and effectively tackle climate change. New builds now have to include a certain amount of green technology etc in any plans before permission to go ahead is forthcoming.


These factors have led to a return of the concept of using timber more often as a building material. The green credentials of wood mean that much of the UK are fully behind the push for an increase in the material within the building trade. The construction sector has already taken on board the concept of modular construction. This method ensures that building is faster, cheaper and offers a more effective process. Modular or offsite timber construction has a number of positive outcomes including less waste ending up in landfill. This is because the whole manufacturing process is a lot more efficient, and there is usually less than 2% waste.


The UK has made excellent progress in house building and modern methods are frequently implemented. We shouldn’t get complacent though, as there is much to be improved. For instance, the city of Tokyo builds more homes in one year than the whole of the UK.


For those worrying about the ethical side of using timber, there are measures in place to protect and promote sustainable forest management. It’s important that suppliers and builders source this natural material responsibly. This won’t be an issue for reputable building companies such as Allied Build in Chelmsford, Essex.



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