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Time to Save Money with LED Lighting

Posted: 2014-08-05, in category: Uncategorized


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These days most people are aware that one of the best ways to improve your homes energy efficiency and save money, is to replace existing light bulbs with the LED alternative. Even when you have invested in your LED lights, you can save around £150 in the first year [enough to pay for your TV licence].

The super efficient LED light bulb, is a wise buy nowadays and one that will save you money, a fact which is being confirmed the world over. Although LED bulbs are more expensive to buy than the traditional incandescent light bulbs, they could save around £240 per year on fuel bills. LEDs [light emitting diodes] will also pay for themselves within just 5 months. As with many things, their price is expected to fall as their popularity rises

They are roughly ten times more efficient than the old type of bulb, when it comes to converting electricity into light. This being the case, wattage is fairly simple to convert, for example if you require a 60W replacement, you would need a 6W LED bulb.

It has been calculated that 10 traditional style bulbs, used for 10 hours a day, would be equivalent to £266.45 per year in fuel costs. On the other hand if LED bulbs were used instead, the yearly cost is significantly reduced to £26.65. These bulbs are estimated to last at least 18 months, and this will shortly be confirmed by new EU rules. These rules will state that LED bulbs should have a minimum lifespan of 6,000 hours at the very least. However some LED lighting manufactures claim that their LED bulbs are designed to last 40,000 hours and can be switched on and off 100,000 before they will blow.

LED lighting comes in many forms and sizes, and can be found to produce varying shades of light such as ‘warm white’ or ‘daylight’. There is also a choice of fitting available including bayonet, screw in and mini bayonet. Unlike the old style of low energy light bulb which took a while to warm up, LED’s come on instantly, so you get immediate light when you need it, and there is no heat generated for a safer lighting solution.

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