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Tips for a Good Nights Sleep

Posted: 2015-04-23, in category: Uncategorized


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alThe most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is of course your bed. This is the place you spend a large percentage of time and somewhere you associate with comfort and relaxation. But what if you have trouble sleeping?

Sleep is one of the critical components of good health, and lack of or consistently disturbed sleep can have a variety of negative effects including restlessness, lack of concentration, headaches, mood swings, and a general feeling of malaise. Difficulty sleeping is a common problem and there are tried and tested methods you can follow to increase the chances of a restful slumber. According to The National Sleep Foundation the ideal bedroom conditions for a good nights sleep include somewhere that is dark, quiet and cool. Here is a list of tips for a problem free sleep experience:-

  • Check your bedroom for things like light, noise and temperature levels and adjust where necessary.
  • Try to stick to a particular routine 24/7 so that your mind and body become conditioned to expect to be asleep or awake at certain times.
  • Make sure that you have a good quality, comfortable mattress, pillows and bedding.
  • Establish a bedtime ritual to help your brain to shut down, like taking a warm bath or making a warm drink and stick to it.
  • Do at least a small amount of exercise every day such as a walk after dinner, as this is well known to aid sleep.
  • Do not leave on electrics before bed as this is known to have a detrimental affect on sleep patterns.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime as these will stimulate you and prevent sleep.
  • Try to see sleep as a priority and something which has to be worked at to achieve success.


Of course designing your bedroom so that it is a beautiful and pleasant place to be, will also make a massive difference. Luxurious bedding like the Kylie Minogue At Home range at Angelinas Curtains and Bedding will provide sumptuous comfort and give your bedroom a glamorous appeal. Exquisite Kylie Minogue bed linen sets like the clean, crisp Alexa, elegant Miriana or sultry Velvetina will give you the boudoir of your dreams and help you to drift off with ease.

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