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UPVC Made to Measure Front & Back Doors for Optimum Energy Efficiency

Posted: 2013-01-30, in category: Uncategorized

Bespoke Thermally Efficient UPVC Front & Back Doors in Range of Designs & Colours

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When taking the wise step of having double glazed replacement windows installed, many homeowners make one important mistake. They overlook the entrance doors to their property, or perhaps feel there is no reason to worry about the energy efficiency of their doors.

This is a common belief but one which is seldom true, as traditional wooden doors can be subject to water penetration leading to warping, rotting or shrinkage. The damage may not even be evident or obvious, yet could still interfere with the homes insulation, by allowing warm air to escape or cold, damp air to enter. This means that wooden front and back doors require a regular programme of maintenance and surface treatments.

UPVC Door Store based in Basildon, Essex, have the answer to this, with quality, made to measure, secure, UPVC front and back doors. Manufactured to the highest standards from superior grade UPVC and incorporating a galvanised steel core, these doors are constructed using a robust four chamber design. A secure five point locking system is featured, deterring even the most persistent intruder. As these entrance doors are made to measure, and come pre-hung in their own individual frame, they offer an extremely snug fit and increased thermal efficiency.

UPVC Door Store can provide their draught-proof front and back doors in a whole range of styles, designs and colours in areas such as Manchester, Bolton, Wigan and Preston. From wood effect finishes like rosewood and antique oak to smart white frames, and including bevelled, frosted, patterned, leaded or tinted glass, the choice is yours. To feel the incredible difference of thermally efficient UPVC Doors call the UPVC Door Store now on freephone 0800 072 4887.


Made to Measure Front & Back UPVC Entrance Doors with Superior Locking Systems