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Why Fresh Air & Ventilation are So Important

VerandasYou may be relieved that things seem to be returning to some kind of normal, and most would say ‘not before time!’ The roll out of the Covid vaccine has resulted in optimism among many people. There still has to be a careful approach though, and the key to success here is caution. There are millions of people who have received their first and second vaccines, giving them protection from the worst effects of the virus. However, they can still catch and transfer it to others while mixing. Also, we know the virus has the capacity to mutate and present as different strains. It’s likely we will still have to wear face masks indoors along with other measures, for some time to come.

As more types of establishment are allowed to open up, and we are able to see friends and loved ones, there are still strict guidelines to follow. Groups will still be restricted in size when meeting indoors, making outdoors a safer bet!

Big Adjustments in the Way We Live & Work

There are a few snags though about the rules on meeting outdoors, one of which is the unpredictable UK weather. If it starts to rain for instance at the beginning of a long awaited get together, what then? The government has warned against being tempted to move the proceedings indoors. There are also rules about visits indoors during things like plumbing or electrical emergencies. It’s essential that masks are worn by all, and that windows or doors are left open to ventilate the area. Specialists within the medical field believe that there is an inadequate level of awareness about the need for fresh air. Research carried out in a restaurant in South Korea, demonstrated the potential hazards of mixing indoors. One diner infected with Covid 19, infected two others, after only a few minutes in the same room at a distance of 4 and 6ft. This is just one worrying example of how contagious the virus is, particularly in confined spaces.

Construction specialists such as SJP Building Services Ltd, have seen a rise in enquiries from customers about the installation of verandas, and similar kinds of structure. Homeowners and businesses have been forced to rethink the way they go about things if they are to keep themselves and others safe. The changes are likely to be permanent, setting new standards in the way we live and work. Some councils are even reimbursing businesses that have had to pay out for modifications due to Covid 19.

Verandas, Smoking Shelters, Glazed Canopies & Outdoor Buildings

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Even without the safety perspective, it’s a fact that there are often times when we would love to spend more time outside if not for the weather. Sudden rain showers have literally always put a dampener on celebrations and gatherings. Then again, sitting outside and reading, offers peace and quiet sometimes difficult to acquire inside the home. Verandas, glazed canopies, smoking shelters etc, may be the solution to a very big problem at the moment, but they have always been popular home improvements. If constructed by reputable specialists they enhance and raise the value of any home or business.

For the home, they allow people to spend valued extra time in the garden year round, and businesses can offer their customers something different. They provide additional safety, entertainment, comfort and weather protection. They can also be kitted out with heating and lighting for versatility and flexibility. Garden buildings and outdoor shelters will never go out of fashion, and once installed they are bound to be fully utilised.

Sheltered Buildings for Domestic & Commercial Use in Wigan

SJP Building Services have a long history of experience and an in-depth knowledge of design and build. Working closely with customers we plan and deliver a tailored solution, and can provide the latest in verandas, smoking shelters, sunrooms and glazed canopies. These high quality garden and outdoor buildings are elegant, chic, practical and functional, and will bring many years of enjoyment.

Stroll through any UK high street nowadays, and you would swear you were on the continent. Every restaurant, cafĂ©, bar etc has it’s own form of veranda, and people are loving it! Of course while functional, the more temporary solutions aren’t as impressive as properly built structures. There is a unique cultural atmosphere being created which attracts new customers. Whatever your preferred style of veranda or outdoor building option, you can rely on the team at SJP Building Services Ltd to create the perfect solution.

Verandas, Why Fresh Air & Ventilation are So Important, Big Adjustments in the Way We Live & Work. Verandas, Smoking Shelters, Glazed Canopies & Outdoor Buildings. Sheltered Buildings for Domestic & Commercial Use in Wigan

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