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What’s Happening to Concrete?

Posted: 2021-01-04, in category: construction

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concreteThe construction industry is becoming increasingly eco-friendly with advances in technology having an effect on machinery, equipment and materials. Take concrete for instance, one of the most widely used materials across the world. In 2019 around 4 billion tons of concrete was produced, and this is set to increase in the coming years. This incredibly versatile building material consists mainly of cement, which production unfortunately creates approx 7% of global CO2 emissions.

Some recent green innovations have concentrated on the manufacture of cement as opposed to the usage. This involves the utilisation of CO2 within the curing process, a crucial stage of production. Cement is combined with water, sand and aggregate to achieve a concrete mix, which begins to set once the water and cement have been mixed. This chemical reaction, called Hydration, can be affected by things like temperature and how much cement is included. For the mix to reach it’s full performance potential, it has to stay at the right temperature and level of moisture for around a month. Drying too fast will result in a weakened end product.

The curing process is essential for a number of reasons such as increasing strength, and resistance to water, cracking and freezing. Methods of curing concrete vary from misting/steaming the surface regularly, or covering with a moisture retaining material. Market leading company Aramco has pioneered a new way of curing called ‘carbon curing’, where CO2 is actually used in the curing process.

The many advantages of this new technique include: –

  • A more durable product
  • Lower water permeability
  • Higher resistance to chlorine and sulphates
  • Only three days curing time
  • 200kg of CO2 per ton of concrete


This is a great example of sustainable technology, and there are other efforts in the industry such as more fuel efficient plant machinery. Hiring plant machinery and equipment in itself is also helpful with carbon emissions, as less vehicles are owned. Rhinos Plant Hire are one of the most reputable companies offering plant hire. They also offer a vast range of tools and equipment for construction professionals or DIYers in places like Welwyn Garden City.




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